South Hills Textile Arts Guild

Some Links for Needleworkers

Other Pittsburgh-area textile arts organizations:

Sites suggested by members:
  • The World Wide Quilting Page. Practically everything about quilts: how-tos, stores, web links.
  • Heart of Cross Stitch. Resources for the person who does cross stitch.
  • Nordic Needle. Supplies for Hardanger Embroidery, counted cross stitch, silk ribbon embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, tatting, and other fine embroideries.
  • Clotilde. Sewing and needlework supplies.
  • Nancy's Notions. Those of us who watch the TV show "Sewing with Nancy" visit this site, too.
  • The Quilter's Apprentice. A novel by a former Pennsylvanian. Some of our favorite novels are about needleworkers.

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